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Photographing Kingfishers Website Designed by Wendy Lagden                   Follow on .......... All images © Charlie Bishop 2016

Kingfishers are probably one of the most attractive yet elusive birds and are such a joy to observe.

Sadly, all most of us get is a fleeting flash of blue as it streaks away just inches above the water and you are left pinching yourself asking “Was that a Kingfisher”? But just how difficult can it be to photograph these Halcyon birds? Well, I believe you just need four things.  

Suitable photographic equipment, access to a location where they frequent (with the landowners permission of course) and finally, in equal portions, luck and patience.

Unfortunately most of us are just too busy to research suitable rivers and streams so in response to requests, I am offering a “1:1 or 2:1 Tutoring Service” during 2016. The dates currently on offer are May and June and will take place in Somerset.